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Fair Trade, Conflict-Free Gold

I am Fair Congo

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I am Fair Congo

I am Fair Congo

Resources on Natural Resources

What Makes Gold So Valuable?
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Gold is seen as a valuable metal world wide. Where did this idea originate and how much is it worth today?

Congo and Africa’s World War: Crash Course World History
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When you understand the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo you begin to understand the need for impact investing into such a culturally rich nation. As usual, well done to John Green and the Crash Course YouTube channel. I … Read More

When Mines Fuel Conflict – IOM
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This was a video shown by the International Organisation of Migration during the 2017 11th ICGLR-OECD-UN GoE Joint Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains. Personal stories from miners like this one are essential to not just understanding the challenges of … Read More

What is Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining (ASM)?
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Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining (ASM) covers a broad range of mining activities but generally refers to mining practiced by individuals or groups, such as cooperatives, often informally (illegally), operating with low tech, manual labor and in developing nations *1. ASM often takes … Read More

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