The Fair Congo initiatives were launched in 2017 by the Chambers Federation, a US based impact investment firm. The initiatives have already completed the ‘proof of concept’ phase for responsible sourcing from “conflict-affected and high-risk areas’ and is now focusing on adding local value, through women empowerment, to its supply chains.

Fair Congo Chocolate & Coffee

Fair Congo initiative Cocoa Congo, has already built its chocolate and coffee facility in Goma, DRC. Cocoa and coffee are sourced from women’s groups in various parts of the eastern region of DRC and brought to this facility to be roasted and made into various confectionary or direct to consumer products. They are the 1st premium value-added chocolate products to be made in DRC, a region ‘kept secret’ as the source of Belgium’s chocolate industry known world wide. All levels of production from farming to packaging is done by women, another 1st for the region.

Fair Congo Gold

Odd, a company that sells chocolate, coffee and gold? Not really… The same communities that harvest our coffee and cocoa also have small scale mines which account for the lion share of the local economy, many areas up to 85%. It’s the same people, the same ones you the consumer want to have a stronger, more direct relationship with, to be able to know your purchasing power actually made a positive impact. Working in collaboration with USAID, the Fair Congo Initiatives have moved mountains in taking responsible sourcing beyond ‘proof of concept’ and brought it to market. Fair Congo is a fully licensed buyer of artisanal gold, the first American owned company to be granted an export license and the first and only exporter in the region to conform to the ‘OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas’ as well as LBMA good delivery standards. Fair Congo Gold can be found already across North America and Europe from LBMA members to select small town jewelers. Contact us to find out who near you works with Fair Congo Gold.

Fair Congo Foundation

The non-profit branch of Fair Congo who’s principle task is to manage the due diligence, traceability and monitoring and evaluation standards of Fair Congo. All members of the stakeholder community are invited to join the advisory board to help Fair Congo implement the most stringent sourcing standards required for gold across all sectors. The Foundation also manages several women and youth empowerment initiatives including a focus on artwork from the DRC. Coming soon, a custom handcrafted line of wedding bands made by women, in DRC, from Fair Congo Gold and sold direct to consumer only.

Expected Outcome
1. Provide community with higher incomes through direct market access
2. Create jobs by expanding quantity and quality of exportable products through market demand
3. Creating an inclusive job market, providing opportunities to disadvantaged groups, primarily women
4. Provide government with unrealized taxes
5. Provide all levels of the supply chain with legal compliance as well as public relations ‘positives’
6. Improve the overall stability of the region’s economy