The Fair Congo Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Fair Congo Initiatives. The Foundation’s board of advisors is made up of a cross section of stakeholders from private sector, NGO, development agency and government sources. The Fair Congo brand and sourcing, due diligence, traceability, monitoring and evaluation standards are developed through this board.

Direct & Fair-Trade Consumer Products:

Fair Congo is a more genuine, direct and fair-trade initiative, creating consumer products as close to the source of origin as possible. A new way of responsible sourcing which recognizes the market’s demand for transparent, conflict-free, fair-trade, sustainable means of exporting natural resource products while creating maximum value-addition in country. The Fair Congo Foundation helps manage the brand standards and promote sustainably sourced natural resource products from DRC.

Arts & Culture of DRC

All too often the Democratic Republic of Congo is shown only in a negative light. While the population begins to reach 80 million people, what about the art and beauty of this country which matches all of Western Europe in size? We aim to provide a means for art consumers to aid local artists and know who they are supporting by displaying their works through this site and international art galleries. All proceeds go to further support the arts, through supply of training, education, material and tools.

Women Empowerment

Several of Fair Congo Foundation’s initiatives can trace their roots to ongoing women empowerment initiatives in Kenya. Furthering the fair-trade export initiatives of Fair Congo, the Foundation aims to supply its sister organizations (both women owned and operated), Ukweli Jewelry with fair-trade, conflict-free, ‘green’ gold and Recycle Tribe with sustainably sourced timber. The Fair Congo Foundation helps manage the startup of these initiatives and promote their growth in DRC.

Recycle Tribe- Takes shipping and construction waste and recycles it into furniture and household goods. Recycle Tribe DRC has already recycled over 5 tons of wood waste making a variety of office and home furniture. Visit the Cocoa Congo chocolate facility to view some of these pieces in use.

Ukweli Jewelry- A new woman owned and operated startup currently in development, Ukweli will source conflict-free gold within the Fair Congo supply chain and locally manufacture gold wedding bands. These rings will be sold direct to consumer and made entirely by women.


Fair Congo Foundation has been funded by a grant provided by the Chambers Federation with future funding provided by Fair Congo, sarl as the recipient of 15% of company profits. Additional funding is provided through the foundation’s arts and cultures program.