Job Applications (restricted)

Fair Congo will be hiring for several skilled level positions, however, all current applicants must be referred to our program through one of the stakeholders, USAID, UN, IOM, etc. If an application is submitted without a reference letter from one of the stakeholders it will not be reviewed. Applications emailed to the company will not be responded to if these instructions have not been followed. When this criteria is lifted a public notice will be provided.


*Fair Congo, in spirit and practice, strives to employee from the local community wherever, whenever possible, generally exceeding 85% of total staff employed in a project.

*All Fair Congo electronic communication is completed through company emails (‘exampleonly’ or ‘exampleonly’ There are no other authorized emails.

*Fair Congo does not work through any intermediaries or brokers! No one represents the company other than the authorized staff listed on the home page.

*Fair Congo does not charge any money for submission of partnerships or applications, ever!

*Emails from are not from our company nor our parent firm nor any of its affiliates. This is an unauthorized email and any correspondence from it should be referred to the authorities.

*Please ensure verification of all Company personnel by contacting us today. Do not conduct business with anyone claiming to be part of Fair Congo or Chambers Federation without first calling or emailing us to verify.

*Fair Congo’s parent company, the Chambers Federation, has been made aware of individuals disseminating information appearing to be communications from their company. Some of these ‘false’ communications are even created by altering source files originating from old company documents provided publicly. Generally, these files are being used to falsely claim affiliation with the company, however, its full intended use is unknown. Do not accept any files from any person or organisation without verifying its authenticity with Fair Congo or the Chambers Federation first! The Company accepts no responsibility for the actions of these individuals or organisations and expects any recipient of suspicious material to immediately report it to the company so an investigation may be completed.

*The company Federation Chambers du Congo has been closed down and any affiliation with it or its local shareholders has been ‘terminated with prejudice’. Do not conduct business with anyone falsely claiming they can bring investment from the Federation. Fair Congo and the Chambers Federation accept no responsibility for their actions or misrepresentations.